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Gentle Cleansing Balm

Gentle Cleansing Balm

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Gentle Cleansing Balm

For those looking for the gentlest experience, our hypoallergenic cleansing balm was made just for you!

Containing no allergens and no essential oils, this creamy un-fragranced cleansing balm holds all of its power in high quality luxury oils. 

The oils in our gentle formulation include grapeseed, rosehip, camellia tea tree seed, olive and coconut oil. 

Together, this cleanser covers all bases by providing plenty of:

  • Fatty Acids: Rosehip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which strengthen the skin barrier and improve its resilience against external irritants.

  • Anti-Inflammatory properties: these can help soothe redness and irritation often associated with sensitive skin.

  • Antioxidant Protection: The high antioxidant content in Olive, Grapeseed and Camellia Tea Tree Seed Oils helps protect the skin from environmental stressors, reducing the risk of sensitivity caused by external factors.

  • Retinol: Rosehip is a natural source of retinol (Vitamin A), which promotes skin regeneration and can help reduce redness and sensitivity.

  • Skin Barrier Enhancement: Both olive and coconut oil helps strengthen the skin barrier, which can reduce sensitivity by preventing irritants from entering.

As you can see, this Gentle Cleansing Balm is well-suited for sensitive skin due to the choice of oils used which are gentle, non-irritating nature, anti-inflammatory properties, and have the ability to nourish and protect the skin barrier. When incorporated into a skincare routine, these balm can help calm and soothe sensitive skin while providing essential hydration and nutrients.



Ricinus communis seed oil, Olivem 1000, caprylic/capric triglyceride, polysorbate 80, stearic acid, olea fruit oil, decyl glucoside, cetyl alcohol, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, rosa canina oil, Camellia Oleifera seed oil.

How to use

1. Scoop a small pea sized amount with your finger or a spatula and warm it between your fingers
2. Massage onto dry skin in gentle, circular motions. If you are wearing eye makeup spend more time massaging the eye area to ensure all the makeup is being dissolved.
3. Once the makeup starts to break down add warm water onto the skin and continue to massage in gentle circular motions.
4. Finally remove with a warm, damp cloth. After you have removed the cleansing balm your skin will feel clean and fresh.

NOTE When using the exfoliating balm or creamy oat balm, please be extra gentle and careful around your eye area.


40 g

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