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Finally... Vegan Climbing Balms for Women

As a rock climber and weightlifter, I'm constantly getting dry hands from using too much chalk, torn hands from scraping on outdoors rocks and hard callouses forming whenever I'm on the rowing machine for too long and so I needed a good quality hand salve to nourish, heal and protect.

I noticed that in the rock climbing community there were only a few varieties of climbing balm to choose from to heal hands and they were usually quite masculine and medicinal smelling. Not only that, but they were always made with beeswax and seemed to be great at forming a protective barrier, but didn't offer too many ingredients that help to heal the skin or offer preventative skincare.

This is where Wild Venus is different! 

Each of the balms I've created have a slightly different base and do slightly different jobs.

For mainly outdoors boulders I would recommend the Palm Potion or Boulder Balm as they're slightly more geared towards protection against outside environmental damage.

However, if you're unsure my advice is to just go with which you you think smells the nicest!

For more information about the different types of climbing balms and to read about the benefits of magnesium oil in climbing balm then you can check out a blog which goes into detail here