Collection: Best Selling Wax Melts

Best Scented Wax Melts

With so many different wax melts to choose from, the amount of wax melt scents can be an overwhelming decision to make!

So, here I've crunched the numbers as well as a thrown in a few of my personal favourite wax melts which I don't feel get the attention they deserve. From our best smelling wax melts to our best strongest wax melts to our most delicate and calming this is our TOP 20 list of our ultimate soy wax melts. 

From deep, dark and smoky to sweet bakery scents and clean fragrances theres one for all tastes. 

This list of our best selling wax melts is perfect if you're just beginning your scent discovery journey and testing the waters for the first time to find what you like. 

If you're a true wax melt warrior and already know what your favourite fragranced wax melts are then I've already separated each wax melts into various scent categories to make it a little easier for you to select your soy wax melts.