Collection: Artisan Soaps

Beautiful artisan soaps made in the heart of Lancashire.

Hi, I'm Naomi and I make our Wild Venus hand made soaps with sustainable and plant based ingredients which are both gentle on your skin and the planet. Wild Venus loves incorporating rich and tasty butters, and sometimes I add natural exfoliants for an extra special touch.

These handmade soap bars are full of sustainable and nutural butters and oils such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter, creating a luxuriously creamy and conditioning natural soap with a lush lather. You'll discover our artisan soaps scented with essential oils like our popular Herb Garden or Lavender & Geranium, as well as exciting fragrance oils such as Vetiver Waves and Pina Colada.

You'll notice that you have the option to purchase your soap either naked or wrapped with many people preferring a naked soap for themselves and wrapped to give as gifts. A wrapped soap comes protected in a piece of waxed paper with a wide coloured cardboard label. A naked handmade soap will be protected against other items in your package and be presented in a simple small paper bag with a list of ingredients and batch number. These handmade natural soap bars don't come packaged in any plastic whatsoever and last several months whilst in use so they're a great eco friendly and sustainable way to keep yourself clean.

Whether you prefer to wash using an all natural soap recipe or like the crazy colours available in many of my handmade soap designs, you'll find plenty to make to smile.

I also make bespoke handmade soaps and can use all kinds of ingredients if you have a special request or function coming up, then get in touch with me to discuss!