Help! Why did my body butter melt?!

Help! Why did my body butter melt?!

How to Prevent Your Body Butter From Melting

We’ve all been there, happily slathering that delicious creamy whipped body butter all over ourselves, then plonked it on the windowsill as we’ve grabbed the handbag and ran out of the door. 

Cut to the next day and we return for more of the good stuff and see it’s turned into this slightly gross looking flat and oily version of the beauty it once was!

Well, the beauty of our natural body butters is that I’ve designed them to melt effortlessly at body temperature for the best experience for you and your skin. As the light and fluffy body butter soaks straight into your skin, it leaves a beautiful satin soft, non-greasy finish for you to enjoy.

Body Butter is one of those products that I just can’t live without. I love that quick, easy and luxurious glide of the butter over skin to help cure dryness and give some intense moisturisation with this pure oil and emollient delivery straight to where I need it most… feet, elbows, legs… if it’s skin, then rub it in!

Living in England, this is normally no problem at all as the temperature rarely reaches the mid 30’s, but if left on a sunny windowsill, this might be enough to turn your whipped wonder body butter into a soggy mess.

I’ve definitely done it more than once and believe me, there is no going back once it’s melted; you’re not going to be able to get that light fluffy texture back, however, if you keep your body butter chilled in the fridge you can still use this on your skin. You’ll find it more concentrated so you will need to use even less than you did before.

A large tub of Wild Venus Whipped Body Butter scented with Lavender essential oil.

Top tips for keeping your Body Butter light and fluffy.

Keep your body butter out of direct sunlight.

Store your body butter in a cool and shaded place.

Pop your body butter in the fridge.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your whipped body butter in the car on a warm day. 

Why can't I buy Whipped Body Butter in larger stores?

The reason you might be able to find whipped body butters like Wild Venus in small boutique stores but are searching high and low in your local Boots to find nothing, is because these products need to be stored in such a way and it’s too risky for a large corporation with the potential for a product to lose lots of inventory due to a heatwave. 

Why does the Body Butter Melt and can you make one that doesn't melt in the sun?

Firstly, our whipped body butter melts when it gets hot because it’s made up only of a mixture of solid and liquid oils. 

These oils have been heated and cooled several times and then manipulated into this wonderful texture that looks like delicious whipped cream! 

Our main butter is shea butter which is rich in vitamins and often found in creams, lotions and potions that help reduce scarring and heal damaged skin. There’s also a little cocoa butter which helps keep the body butter formula hard as it has a higher melting temperature than shea. The process of whipping is a delicate dance between maker, machine and the ingredients! Even through the process of whipping, the body butter mixture becomes too warm and begins to melt so it must be chilled in the fridge and whipped at least 3 times when I’m making body butter for Wild Venus!

Can I make a body butter that doesn't melt in the heat? 

Sure I could but it would be a completely different formula and have a completely different feel on your skin.

To create a no-melt formula means that the formula would have to include some percentage of water and become emulsified. This formula wouldn’t melt into the skin in the same way that butter does, but it would need to be rubbed in a little bit more for it to be absorbed. 

I have experimented a little with creating a no-melt emulsified formula and there may be one in the pipeline but I’m not quite ready to bare all just yet. 

So that concludes why your body butter is melting, remember all you need to do is keep it cool and then your butter will last you up to 2 years (and probably even longer).

Have you tried a Wild Venus Whipped Body Butter yet? We always get rave reviews and get a lot of great ‘ohhh’s’ and ‘ahhhh’s’ when we let customers try a little at various markets!

We currently have 5 to choose from with our most popular body butter scents being Rose Geranium and Lavender. If you prefer  a refreshing, uplifting and fruity option then a Pink Grapefruit or Sicilian Lemon would be right up your street. For a herbal scent then try my favourite the Rosemary scent. This one is especially great for your feet as the essential oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s almost the end of our body season here as the weather has turned up a notch and it would be irresponsible to post these butters out during the Summer months so I'll stop posting when the weather reaches a consistent temperatures of around 24 degrees Celsius. 


An open box of the rosemary fields body butter gift.
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