Welcome to Wild Venus, this is what we do...

Welcome to Wild Venus, this is what we do…

We make soy wax melts

Hello all guys, gals and non binary pals, thanks for stopping by!

This store is a place for you to pick up highly scented soy wax melts for your home, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family including ceramic wax warmers, carefully curated gift boxes and essential oils.

All of our highly scented soy wax melts are made by hand in Bolton, Greater Manchester and use 100% biodegradable components. This includes ingredients such as glitter and eco-soy wax. Not only that but the packaging used is animal friendly, vegan and either biodegradable or fully recyclable.

…and handmade artisan soap bars

Our handmade soaps are pretty darn fabulous. We use both natural and nature identical ingredients in our products to make the yummiest and scrummiest suds for your scrubs. We stock a variety of designs including soaps scented entirely naturally.

There are also lots of ready made gift options available if you are searching for a quick, affordable and long lasting present for someone special including bathroom accessories, lip balms or ready to go boxes.

Just like our wax melts, everything is vegan and packaged with biodegradable or recyclable materials only.

All natural vegan lip balms

This is where it all started for Wild Venus. Tired of Carmex being the most nourishing and affordable lip balm for my budget, I wasn’t happy that the balm used 2 troubling ingredients and I thought that I could do better! Eliminating petroleum and lanolin (a product derived from sheep sweat!), I set about in my tiny kitchen, combining the best vegetable oils, sustainable butters and essential oils to create a delicious series of lip balms.

Our first iteration wasnt amazing with issues in maintaining consistancy with misbehaving natural ingredients but with our second formulation, we added cocoa butter and it really is the best lip balm now!


Ceramic oil burners and wax warmers

We love love love ceramic oil burners and we stock some of the prettiest designs we could find out there. We're also excited to bring electric wax warmers to the range in Autumn 2022.