Collection: Soy Wax Melts

5 Soy wax melts for £10

Mix and match 5 of our best smelling soy wax melts for only £10.

When you add 4 of our regular soy wax melt snap bars to your cart, you'll get the 5th one for FREE!

Add 10 to your cart and pay for only 8!  - You get the idea, there is no limit!

Wild Venus are well known for our highly scented and long lasting handmade soy wax melts. I hope you'll get to smell why everybody who tries our melts keeps on coming back for more of these best smelling handmade soy wax melts.

Always made using 100% vegan ingredients with an 'Eco-Soy' wax and bright vibrant colours and designs to compliment over 100 different fragrances. Come on in and have a sniff at these wonderful soy wax melts which are all lovingly handmade in the UK. 

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