A photo of Liverpool Docks by Chris Nolan

Market Stall Drop Out

Not so much a Beauty School Drop out but more of a Market Stall Drop out!

Ahhh it's so disappointing and frustrating when I can't attend a market. 

Every time you see a market stall that's empty, that's probably half of someones weekly wage right there gone up in smoke - they might be ill or perhaps their car broke down, family emergency, COVID. Anything could've happened and it sucks!

Last weekend I was at Congleton for the first time and it absolutely battered me. Standing at the first of the long line of market stalls, I felt like the first defence all the traders had over the wind. It was coming hard, fast and bitterly cold! 

After finally, exhausted getting home, there was absolutely no way I could get to the Salford Quays market the next day (costing me a cool £55 😢) as the frightful weather coupled with long hours standing, the long drive sitting and physical task of putting up and taking down my little shop in my gazebo took its toll on my body and caused a hideous flare up of my Endometriosis. You can read about endo here if you like. 

It knocked me out for the whole week, only managing to leave the house to get to a couple of comedy gigs (Simon Munnery & Josie Long). Laughing didn't really help the condition. Boo. 

Anyway, it's a week on and I've had to stand up Liverpool too. I'm so sorry Liverpool. I was looking forward to seeing you so much! 

Liverpool is one of my favourite places to trade and the Makers Market have a few locations there - the Albert Docks, the Bombed Out Church and occasionally Cairns Brewery. 

Preston 11th March Makers Market has also been cancelled for however I'm hoping to be back to it for the Liverpool Makers Market at the bombed out Church on Sunday 19th March. 

As always, you'll get the most up to date status on Instagram and Facebook. Also I can send out to you every week, whatever wax melts your heart desires or if you need a new handmade soap Wild Venus has that too. 

For me, for now, I'm going to have a steaming hot bath with a generous handful of gorgeous lavender essential oil bath salts followed by painting my nails and treating my feet to a rosemary foot sooth. 

Hope to see you soon, wishing you well 💜 Naomi xXx


PS Big thanks to Chris Boland for his photo of Liverpool Docks. If you're looking for a portrait or wedding photographer then go take a look here at Chris' beautiful photos online.  

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