Floral Pavillion Craft Fair at New Brighton

Floral Pavillion Craft Fair at New Brighton

I thought I’d compile a list of things to do whilst you’re over in the Wirral at New Brighton. It really is a lovely coastal town and after you’ve come to get your soaps from Wild Venus in the Floral Pavilion and grabbed your fresh doughnuts then you can get on with this manageable list of activities:

  1. The New Brighton Lighthouse - One of Wirral’s most famous landmarks is modelled after the trunk of an oak tree. In use from 1830 - 1973, it now makes a stunning photo, especially if you can wait until the sunset.

  2. The Victorian Quarter - if you like shopping a little bit off the beaten track then this creative Victoria Road will have plenty to offer you from vinyl record store, charity shops and quirky independents.

  3. Find the mermaids - great if you have kids or if you don’t! Take a walk to find 5 mermaid sculptures on the trail.

  4. Get historical at Fort Perch Rock - Although it’s closed to the public you can still have access to the outside perimeter of this impressive coastal defence battery.

  5. Lastly, you could get physical at the Championship Adventure Golf which features in the Guardian article “Holey moly! Ten of the world’s most sensational minigolf courses”.⁠

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