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This Month I've traded at 4 events so far and this is how it's going...

Hey there! What's up? I'm doing much better than last month when I had to flake out on a couple of events - it was a real bummer. But I'm feeling better now, and I wanted to share my experience at the GOOD Market in Liverpool!

I had heard so many great things about the Liverpool based GOOD Market, with people raving about it at the LUSH store. So, when I finally had a free weekend to apply, I was thrilled to be accepted on my first try without having to grovel or frantically repost their content on social media.

On April 1st, I rolled up to St. Barnabas Church in Liverpool, pumped up and ready to go. Parking was a bit of a drag - there was street parking, but no loading zone for three streets. So, I had to haul my stuff from the car to the church. But hey, a little workout never hurt nobody, right?

Once I got settled between two tables at the back, I took the time to chat with my fellow vendors. One of them was Kate, a part-time jeweller who also worked for a local non-profit kitchen. She was seriously fascinating and inspiring. She could barely walk a year ago, but now she plays tennis like a boss! Despite there being over ten jewellers in the church, Kate's unique and edgy style stood out and she appeared to have had a pretty successful day.

I also met Carol from the Candle Collective - her candles were totally on point! They were beautiful pastels in frosted glass vessels and smelled absolutely delicious. Our brands meshed well, and I totally recommend checking them out.

And I caught up with Mushy Pea Designs who was redesigning her packaging for earrings. If you like cats (weird if you dont) then I’m sure you’ll be amused by her characters.

By the end of the day, despite it being a slow one due to a football match, thankfully I made decent sales and it was a pretty comfy and cosy place to hang out in for the day. 

Liverpool has been full of surprises this month - I even visited the Bombed Out Church the day after the Grand National at Aintree. I was so confused about the lack of tourists, but Zander from Ted and Belle Perfumes clued me in on the event. Mystery solved!

The day was a pretty wet one so I was really thankful for my interesting market neighbour Sasha who kept me sane from first thing in the morning after my mini-breakdown, right through to the end when she had to shoot off to the Red Brick market to restock her Another Realm shop there. 

Tins of Body Butters got wet at the Liverpool Makers Market

Everything got drenched at Liverpool Makers Market

I also took a chance on a new market in Lancaster hosted by the Craft and Flea. These ladies know how to market an event and bring in the crowds. Although the turnout was a bit disappointing for the first one, I'm optimistic that the next one will be even better. Now that Lancaster knows we're there, things can only go up from here!

A pretty view Lancaster Town Hall

Lancaster Craft + Flea was held inside the Town Hall

Oops, I nearly forgot about Ormskirk. I did this one with the Artisan Market Company, it’s a Vegan Festival apparently so I was really happy to get a spot. I sent my application email telling them I make vegan skincare and home fragrances, even my tagline is ‘Everything is Vegan’. They sent the invoice and I was in. 

Unfortunately the event was not quite a festival, the residents had no idea it was on and it was a bit of a flop. I still went home with a small profit though which is all I can ask for so all in all - a success!

There’s just one more market coming up later in the month at the St Halles Orchestra Hall, an event held by The Indie Flea. Fingers crossed, it’s another new market for me but I’m glad its indoors as this weather is a little unpredictable for my liking!

Here’s a list of some interesting and cool traders I’ve met lately: 

Another Realm

Factory Floor Jewels 

Candle Collective UK

Mushy Pea Designs

Sugar Spun Sister Chocolates

Ted & Belle

I'd love to hear your experiences as a market trader or as a customer if you went to any artisan events this month. Please share your story here

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