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What is a Wax Melt and How do they Work?

What is a wax melt?

I keep on going on about wax melts because they are in my opinion, the best way to fragrance your home and help create the ambience and personality that your home deserves.

Basically, wax melts work similarly to candles except the wax isn’t burnt by a flame and is warmed instead. If you are wondering what’s the point of all that when you have your scented candles from Ikea already, read on and I might change your mind.

Are wax melts better than candles?

Yes! Until I find a candle that fragrances a room as quickly, efficiently or sustainably than wax melts then I believe that the wax melts we make at Wild Venus are far superior.

Are wax melts safe for cats and dogs?

Yes! Wild Venus uses non toxic fragrances in our regular sized snap bars.

What you should avoid are essential oil based home fragrances. Unfortunately this means that the Aromatherapy Melts we make are probably not for you. But, don't worry as there's still 100+ non-toxic and pet friendly soy wax melts to choose from.

Not all, but some essential oils can be toxic for your pets, especially if they have breathing difficulties. Stay away from using these natural oils in diffusers or essential oil scented candles and wax melts. Whilst the levels of essential oils used in candles and melts are probably too low to cause any damage, it's best to be safe and not cause your pets any unnecessary stress.

Here are some of my top reasons for preferring Wild wax melts:

No time!

With candles, it’s recommended to allow them to burn for 3-4 hours each time you light the wick. If you light your candle for an hour or two then the wax pool probably wont reach the sides of the vessel and then the wax will start tunnelling down = wasted candle wax = wasted money.

Wax melts have a stronger hot scent throw than candles.

This is because the wax melt does not get as hot as the candle wick which burns off the candle fragrance extremely quickly as it’s in direct contact with the flame. On the other hand, when wax is gently warmed, the fragrance is released more slowly and steadily into your environment.

When candles burn down, the air and the fragrance becomes more contained within the jar. As the flame competes to get more oxygen to burn, all the surrounding air within the candle is immediately consumed by the flame which means the scent will get weaker throughout the life of the candle.

Wax melt scents last longer than candles.

The average scent release time lasts on average an enormous 5 times longer! (According to the scientific research conducted in my bathroom)

Wax melts are super convenient

Wax melts are so quick and easy in allowing you to scent your home how you want and when you want! It’s so each just to pop a new wax in and pop it out again when you want to change the ambience or the scent has finally run out. We have an ever growing range of scents at Wild Venus so do check our social media to see what's new. Our monthly melt box actually gives you at least 2 new scents every month!

Wax Melts are (usually) cheaper and more economical.

If you love getting bang for your buck and want to avoid waste then join the wax melt revolution.

Here’s a quick comparison for you:

Wild Venus Soy Wax Melts - £10, 150g handmade super luxurious soy wax gift box with at least 6 different scents £3 = approximately 90 - 125 hours burn time.

410 g Yankee candle £19.99, published burn time = 65-75 hours.

Jo Malone 200g £49.99, published burn time = 45 hours.

(Correct as of 29/04/2021)

Soy wax melts are eco-friendly.

Our wax melts are made using eco-friendly and sustainable natural ingredients such as soy whereas many candle makers struggle to use a pure soy wax in their candles due to the unpredictable and temperamental natural of the molecular structure of soy wax as it creates a ‘frosting’ effect which can be unsightly (although does not effect the quality of the candle or wax melt) and it can be difficult to achieve a great hot scent throw from a soy candle.

Wild Venus embraces the natural imperfections of soy and actually loves this characteristic which usually only begins to show after about 9-12 months if the melt hasn’t been used.

Candles can be bad for you and the environment.

To help create a better hot scent throw from candles and to allow a more uniform visual look for each candle, most mainstream candle companies such as Yankee Candles, Jo Malone and Diptyque prefer to use paraffin. Unfortunately paraffin is a non-renewable source which derives from petroleum. Another worrying issue about using paraffin in candles is that the soot created from the burning wick can leave carcinogenic particles suspended in the air for hours.

So, in short, depending on the type of wax used, candles can be toxic for your environment.

Fragranced candles can be even more toxic.

Many fragrances on the market use hundreds of components to create the right scent and as these are secret formulas, the companies do not have to divulge ALL of the information.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that soot emissions from candles containing fragrances are significantly higher than those from non-scented candles. It is the soot which can be damaging as the particles are able to stay in the air for hours.

Wild Venus chooses safe fragrances for all of our eco-friendly wax melts.

Although Wild Venus doesn’t make candles we still want to be responsible and act with caution when it comes to choosing the right fragrances. To do this, we ensure that the fragrances we select to create our highly scented soy wax melts contain no phthalates or parabens (these are known to disrupt hormones and are possible carcinogens).

When packaging our wax melts we include the classifications and labelling packaging (CLP) statements alongside relevant cautionary and hazard statements. We also have full data sheets which we are happy to provide upon request.

Some of our fragrances also contain natural essential oils, none are tested on animals and all are vegan like everything else in our store.

If I haven’t persuaded you and you are looking for a candle then check out our small but delightful range of non-toxic, soy wax and handmade candles here.

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