Taylor Swift Inspired Soap Eras Tour 2024

Taylor Swift Inspires Creativity

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Inspired some Soapy Creativity

In just a few days the singer songwriter Taylor Swift will be putting on her boots, zipping up her sequined dress and picking up that mic to start singing to thousands of adoring fans at the Anfield Stadium in Liverpool.

Playing just 3 venues in the UK for her Eras tour, and reading all about her huge accomplishments in the world of music, I thought I owed it to myself to give her a listen…

I’m glad I gave the Eras star Taylor Swift a few moments of my time as it turns out I already knew loads of her hits! So, from there I thought, why not make a few Taylor swift inspired soaps!?

Having spent quite a bit of time doing Etsy shopping (research of course), I had a good idea of Swiftie fan art, Taylor swift crafts and other special edition TS Eras unofficial merchandise! There's so many Taylor Swift gifts to choose from online, but very very few soapy goods! 

It’s hard to know where to draw the line when you’re directly using someone as inspiration for your products so I really hope I have’t crossed that line when it comes to my handmade Taylor Swift inspired soaps!

Basically, if you work in  Ms Swifts legal team, please don't sue me!

I started off my creative process by going on a crash course into the pop goddesses catalogue, learning all about her eras and pulling out some favourite tunes and key moments in Taylor Swift's albums.
As well as listening to her music, the creative storytelling immersing me in her world of love and heartbreak often, I also found a lot of inspiration in her album art: the covers of Folklore, 1989, Lover and Midnights were especially captivating.

So here’s what I made for you for this month's special edition Eras Taylor Swift tour in the UK.

Midnights Taylor Swift Inspired Soap Eras Tour 2024


Midnights - a swirly blue, black and purple handmade soap with a sexy, soft, mysterious unisex scent. The colours perfectly reflect Taylor Swift's Midnights.


Lavender Haze

Fearless - an all natural handmade special edition soap. The dark black is made using activated charcoal which makes the Fearless edition of soap an amazing detoxifying bar. Scented with lime, rosemary and cedar essential oils and topped with an irresistible shiny gold skin.


Lover - I just love this dainty but strong floral fragrance to reflect the Lover Era. This soap features pretty pastel colours and delightful florals

Lover Taylor Swift inspired soap bar Eras tour
Folklore Taylor Swift Inspired Soap Eras Tour 2024


Folklore - this soap already has some fans so I’m not gonna try and kid you but this is Soul Sister soap with a makeover! Our groovy orange, red, green and yellow swirled soap with earthy notes of patchouli and orange essential oils felt like a perfect match for Taylor Swift in her Folklore era.


Fearless Taylor Swift Inspired Soap Eras Tour 2024

Red - A passionate scented soap with musky woods and a deep and mesmerising rose. This is the soap which started it all off! Initially this soap should have had big pink and red swirls but something went a bit off plan in the soap making process and I was left with this absolutely beautiful shade of red soap instead. Perfect! (If you follow me on Tiktok or Instagram then you will know the soap I’m talking about)


Florida - bright and sunny, energetic yellow and blue swirls with gorgeous zesty essential oils of lemon, lemongrass and eucalyptus. What better was to sing ‘I’m feeling fine’ to Taylor Swift's Florida than with a bold and zesty essential oil soap like this?

Lavender Haz

Cardigan Taylor Swift inspired soap bar Eras tour

Lavender Haze - A naturally scented soap with a mesmerising blend of lavender and tea tree essential oils. One of my favourites, so simple but effective.


1989 Taylor Swift inspired soap bar Eras tour

Bejewelled - soft and comforting cashmere fragrances of frankincense and myrrh are hidden in dark swirls and embellished with an amethyst gem! As Taylor Swift sings she polishes up real nice, so does this handmade vegan soap! With an amethyst stone embedded in the top, you’ll have your very own gemstone to polish up.

1989 (The Birds

1989 (The Birds) - this soap was a true labour of love! I had the image in my mind but I didn't really know how I was going to achieve it, so I started sculpting the little white birds and boy did this take a while! I went through 3 or 4 methods of creating the iconic 1989 seagulls until I found the way forward. By the time I’d perfected this, I had wasted so much soap, there’s only 6 bars of this available. Very very limited edition!


Florida Taylor Swift inspired soap bar Eras tour

Debut - talking of things that don't go to plan - there was debut, and this was the first real failure! I wanted to create a beautiful smoky, Texan leather, cowgirl kind of inspired scented soap with a very cool design made using the Tahitian swirl. I've only done this swirl once before and it's tricky but its worth it. On this occasion I have no idea what happened but I have one ugly loaf of soap which is definitely not worthy of being a Taylor Swift special edition! I'm still working on this one, so perhaps I'll be able to release the final design in the Autumn.

Out of the woods Out of the woods Taylor Swift inspired soap bar Eras tour

Out of the Woods

Bejewelled Taylor Swift inspired soap bar Eras tour

Out of the Woods - Are we in the clear yet? Shades of green loop together like shadows on the forest floor. Scented with a fresh blend of eucalyptus, cloves, pine, menthol and camphor. This handmade soap perfectly marries up with the Out of the Woods single.


Cardigan - I really really love this soap, it's just really subtle, cosy, comforting and all natural. It actually smells like a fragrant cup of English tea, topped with a line of rose petals. I thought this soap blend was utterly charming and the best pairing to go with her favourite Cardigan.

And there you have it, the Eras collection of Taylor Swift Inspired Artisan Soaps! Which ones will you choose?

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