Have you done it yet? Veganuary is easier than ever!

Have you done it yet? Veganuary is easier than ever!

As you know, every January, hundreds of thousands of people join in the challenge to eat a plant based, vegan diet from across 220 countries and territories. 

That’s a pretty amazing feat considering this idea was dreamt up less than 10 years ago and began its first year in 2014. 

The founders, Jane and Matthew, hoped to inspire 100 people to join them in their vision but instead a very impressive 3300 people joined in! 

Since this time, the shift in public perceptions has been moving in the right direction and the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled in 9 years. Thankfully we can see this shift in consumer lifestyle being reflected in supermarket aisles with more space being given to meat free alternatives, more interesting developments in vegan food and more restaurants and food outlets providing plant based options which are more than just a mushroom in a bun. 

Not only do more of us expect an option for a vegan and cruelty free plate of food when we go out, but we also want to see more done in every single industry! 

Skincare being the one where I come in. 

As I say on the label, Everything is Vegan because I believe that there is no need to use animal products in skincare. There’s plenty of alternatives available without harvesting beeswax or using goats milk in soap, sheep sweat in your lip balm or crushed beetles to bring that bit of rouge to your face. 

Yep, seriously. 

There’s so many hidden ingredients that make their way into your skin and haircare which Wild Venus vows never to use. 

Some of the products which commonly use animal products include:

Lip care often contains Beeswax or lanolin.

Shampoo and conditioner often contains silk protein (our hair products use Kelyamin which is a plant protein and does a spectacular job)

Soap - beef tallow is sometimes used in traditional soap making and goats milk is a popular ingredient in cold processed soap, marketed as a cure for eczema and psoriasis (but without any medical data to back that up). 

The list goes on…

As well as banning all of these raw ingredients from my products, I check each fragrance to make sure it’s vegan friendly and only order my labels from suppliers who can confirm an animal free adhesive. 

So if you’re doing Veganuary this year and you want to do it the right way, consider checking the labels next time you're soaking  in the bath and see what you could change. 

Afterall, Wild Venus all started with examining my Carmex lip balm addiction, who knows where your bathtime browsing could take you!

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