About Wild Venus

Wild Venus was born through a love of many things and through a period of isolation (I don’t need to say that ‘C’ word do I?) I really appreciated how much all the woman in my life mean to me.

Fearless, strong, fragile, open, candid, brave, reckless… there’s not just one way of being, we are all and everything. Uniquely different and all wild in our own ways.

For me Wild Venus is the woman I aspire to be, it’s who I can be when I really put my mind to it! It’s the brave, passionate and fearless explorer tempered with the beauty poise and grace of Venus, our classic trope for those idealised standards of beauty. Urm, hold on a minute…balls to that, lets redefine Venus. It’s about time!

When Wild Venus was first conceptualised it was all about sustainability and good quality natural ingredients, here’s where I tell you a little bit about that journey.

On being natural

Initially I wanted Wild Venus to be 100% natural, after all natural is best - right? Wrong. Yes there are so many ingredients in Wild Venus which are natural and our exclusive lip balms are indeed made entirely from 100% natural ingredients as is our aptly named GAEA range, but sometimes natural ingredients aren’t always the best choice.

The reason that we have taken this stance is because there are lots of natural ingredients which are not safe for use on the body and there are others such as musk which can only be created in a lab as extraction of the musk scent is illegal (and rightly so).

Additionally, when we looked closer at the origins and extraction methods of some ingredients, we were not convinced that they fit the model of sustainability which drives us forward.

On being sustainable

When I first conducted some market research on lip balms, I discovered that the vast majority of users (by users I mean my mates), preferred their balms in a tube and not a tin. I have always preferred in a tin and I don’t know why so this came as a bit of a surprise. It made sense though, especially in the grip of a pandemic a twist tube application certainly seemed like the safest application.

There was just one problem though - are the tubes recyclable? Well, yes but not easily. It means the tubes being sent to specialist recycling plants.

To limit the waste produced from Wild Venus products and make it easier for our customers we are now officially a recycling centre and collecting lip balm tubes as part of a TerraCycle initiative!

Many more details of that to come once I have launched Wild Venus lip balms in twist up tubes.

More details about sustainability and the packaging we use here.